Physical Property Certification
Quality        Production Process Flow
1. The raw materials we purchased must go through strict physical and chemical inspections, and they can be accepted into the factory after qualification in such inspections.
2.Chaining is an important link in making chains. Shown is the automatic chaining machine, a state patent product developed exclusively by our factory, in operation.
3. We employ various welding types: flashing butt welding, resistance welding and gas protection welding. To ensure product quality, we have imported the most advanced automatic chain welding machine in the world from the WAFIOS of Germany.
4.Heat treatment will be performed for chains for special applications. We generally use such means of heat treatment: MF quenching, salt solution quenching, carburization treatment. These will increase the strength or hardness of the chains.
5. All chains must be surface treated. We employ such treatment methods: rolling in natural color, electric galvanizing, hot galvanizing, plastic spraying, plastic immersion, painting, brunofixing and electrolytic polishing for stainless steel chains. Shown is a corner of the galvanizing shop.
6.The packaging method of chains can be selected by the customer. We use such materials for packaging: sacks, plastic drums, iron drums, plastic boxes, cartons, wooden boxes and winding on drums.
7. During the manufacture, appearance, dimensions and loading testing shall be made for all products, and breaking load tested on sampled basis. Before leaving the factory, the packaged chains will be sampled according to relevant standard for final inspection on surface treatment, appearance, dimensions, marks, length, weight, surface hardness and breaking load.